01 Mar 2019

Prevent Costly Repair Bills With A Maintenance Agreement

Would you like to ensure your property is maintained in good order and prevent costly repair bills?

The answer is to include maintenance services as part of your lease agreement.

The best thing about including a maintenance arrangement in the lease agreement is that you can include all of the maintenance costs in the rent. The result is that your property remains in good shape with the benefit of no out of pocket expenses for you.

At Noosa Property Management we will begin by determining the market rental rate for your property.  We will then add in the weekly cost of the required regular maintenance. In good quality properties that are marketed effectively, a maintenance arrangement is an attractive feature for potential tenants.  Many tenants are happy  or even prefer to pay a little extra rent for the peace of mind  of not having to worry about tending the garden or cleaning the pool.

Here are some examples:

  • Gardening: Many tenants consider lawn maintenance and gardening to be a chore.   This is especially evident if your tenants are busy professionals or a family with young children. We can offer gardening services to be included into the lease agreement and simply add $20 a week to the tenants rent. The increase of $20 per week to the tenant is a minor cost, however the benefit to some tenants who are time poor and would prefer to spend their weekends travelling or entertaining rather than on garden maintenance is very large. The maintenance agreement also ensures your property will have well maintained gardens when your tenant vacates the property.
  • Pool maintenance: A pool can be a very desirable feature when looking to attract a tenant to your property.  However the practicalities of cleaning and maintaining a pool can be a drain on the time of busy people. It is also easy for a tenant whom is inexperienced in pool maintenance to make errors which may result in the pool requiring expensive repairs n the future.  Organising for the pool to be professionally maintained takes away these risks.  Having the pool professionally maintained allows the tenant time to enjoy the pool at their leisure, and provides you with a sparkling pool to show to the market when your tenant vacates.
  • Gutters:  Roof Gutters are often neglected by tenants especially on 2 storey homes with rooves a long way from ground level.  However blocked gutters can rust through or even cause internal leaking or flooding inside the property. The result could  lead to water damage in your eaves and ceilings.  Water damage can be prevented  by charging an extra $5 a week in rent and having the gutters cleaned regularly by a home handyman.


Sunshine Coast Property Management is experienced in the full range of maintenance issues relating to rental properties.

We will advise you on the types of costs we can include into your lease agreemnet to maintain your property's presentation and increase the long term capital growth of your investment.

Contact Michelle at michelle@sunshinecoastpm.com.au  to discuss the benefits of incorporating a maintenance agreement into your next lease contract.