04 Nov 2018

Switching Property Managers Is Easy

Are you disappointed with the service of your current property manager and looking to switch property managers for your investment property and unsure how to do it.  Here is the answer, it’s easy.

There are only four things to know:

1. It does not matter whether the property is vacant, you have just signed a lease with a new tenant or the current tenancy is about to expire, the tenant’s lease and your agreement with your property manager are completely independent of each other. So you can change any time and your tenant will not be affected.

2. If you have current maintenance, insurance, or Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal issues, these do not impact your ability to change property managers and, if the manager you are moving to is competent, they can help transition all of these issues over to their agency.

3. There is no cost. It is free to change managements.

4. Rental payments will be seamless.  We will contact your tenant the same day we take over management of the property and supply them with the new banking details.  It is that simple.

And you only sign one piece of paper!

That’s right. If you want to switch from your existing property manager to us here at Sunshine Coast Property Management, it really is as simple as signing one piece of paper and leaving the rest up to us.

And the rest is really focusing on good communication and gaining a solid understanding of your property and your needs so we can deliver you a better property management experience.

Once we have the management agreement in place, we will schedule a time and date with your previous agent to take collect the property file, leases and keys and we will introduce ourselves to your current tenant.  We will schedule a time to conduct our comprehensive initial property audit which will help inform us about how we can improve your returns.

Joining the team at Sunshine Coast Property Management is a simple process for you and your tenant. We believe life does not have to be complicated and neither does property management.


To learn about the benefits of  joining Sunshine Coast Property Management, call Michelle today on 0418 278 324