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Biggest Decision Of Them All

01 Jan2019
’To rent or buy?’ It’s one of those perennially hot topics that arouses the passions of property enthusiasts everywhere. Renters extol the virtues of greater mobility, lower accommodation [...] Read More...

Marketing Your Vacant Property

01 Dec2018
There are four keys to promoting your property to its fullest potential.  Ensuring the following four items are addressed properly will unlock your property's appeal to quality [...] Read More...

Switching Property Managers Is Easy

04 Nov2018
Are you disappointed with the service of your current property manager and looking to switch property managers for your investment property and unsure how to do it.  Here is the answer, it&r [...] Read More...

Who Claims The Solar Rebate, Landlord or Tenant?

04 Oct2018
The Solar Bonus Scheme is a government initiative to reward home owners for using renewable energy sources. Under the scheme, eligible customers are paid for any surplus electricity generated from their [...] Read More...

Entry Condition Reports. What are they and why do they matter?

03 Sep2018
An entry condition report documents the condition of a rental property prior to a tenant taking possession of the property.  This acts as evidence  for checking the condition of the property [...] Read More...
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