Property Management FAQ's


    How Do I Switch To Sunshine Coast Property Management?


    Switching to Sunshine Coast Property Management is Easy


    You can change your property manager without upsetting your tenants and during a fixed term lease?

    There is no cost and no hassle.


    Step 1 - Complete a simple form

    You can appoint Sunshine Coast Property Management to manage your investment property. Simply call us on 0411 278 324 or email to arrange the required forms.

    Step 2 - We do the rest!

    Our professional property manager will organise for the tenant to be notified, a property inspection completed and all the documentation and keys to be collected from your previous agent.

    - You will not have to call or correspond with your current agency at all during this process.

    - Your property will then be managed by our expert team and you can start to experience the difference!


    Switch to Sunshine Coast Property Management today!

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    Why Use A Professional Property Manager?

  • Many investment property owners choose to manage their property themselves and some of them are very successful. However, with the time involved in collecting rents, arranging repairs and maintenance, finding the best tenants and being on call 24 hours a day for emergency repairs most owners have found that their time is more valuable spent elsewhere. 

    At Sunshine Coast Property Managment we believe a good property manager will actually increase the return on your investment, not cost you money. We do this by reducing costs for repairs and maintenance as our experienced tradesmen often provide us with cheaper rates than you can obtain.  We also ensure that rental rates are reviewed regularly to ensure you are receiving the highest rental return for your investment.  We also save you time and petrol from the many visists each year we make to the property.

    Other important considerations investors should take into account are the legal aspects of property management. In the litigious society that we live in, a property owner can ill afford to handle a problem tenant in an incorrect manner.  Failing to meet your obligations to your tenant could lead to thousands of dollars in compensation being paid to your tenant. At Sunshine Coast Property Management we are well versed in landlord tenant law, and are abreast of the constantly changing legislation governing them.


    Another consideration is your landlord insurance.  If you read through your landlord insurance policy thoroughly, there is very often a clause within your policy that states your insurance cover is void and the insurer will not cover the property should the need for a claim arise.

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